夏花的轨迹——A summer promise to forever

There IS an uncensor patch available for 夏花的轨迹——A summer promise to forever!

The patch HAS been verified - good to go!

Patch Information:

The patch link below contains both the uncensor patch posted by as49y and the English translation patch posted by Bluemist, both posted in the Steam Discussion forum for the game.

Install Instructions:

  1. Open the Steam game install folder (right click the game in Steam, Properties, Local Files, Browse Local Files...)
  2. Download the patch from the link below
  3. Extract the contents of the patch archive into the game install folder mentioned above

It's Working If:

After finishing the game, and 'EXTRA' option should appear on the main menu. If you click on 'REPLY' at the top of the menu, there will be 2 scene options, the one on the right being obviously lewd.

Patch download:!8KBlVL5J!ECYQpjoeDo-Ey_nGaH6S1Lc-YKZN-RPkDgo7ms8CZd0

Steam store: