There IS an uncensor patch available for Mutiny!!!

The patch HAS been verified - good to go!

Patch Information:

The patch link below is the developer's link, taken from the Lupiesoft website. If there are any issues with this link, please let me know on the Contact page.

Uncensor patches need to be installed for each of the DLC's individually. If more have been released that aren't listed below please let me know on the Contact page.

Install Instructions:

  1. Open the Steam game install folder (right click the game in Steam, Properties, Local Files, Browse Local Files...)
  2. Download the patch archive from the link below
  3. Extract the contents of the downloaded patch archive into the game install folder mentioned above, merging folders and overwriting the files when prompted

It's Working If:

When you have your first dinner on the boat, there are no light beams censoring Lara's crotch.

Patch download:

Steam store: