Help Out

While developing and maintaining the site just involves time and TLC, running the servers that keep it going costs money. If you would like to show your support for the site, there's a number of ways you can help out to keep this beautiful thing alive.


We have a Patreon page running for where you can pledge your support and help contribute to the running costs of the site. Any help given is greatly appreciated, and together we can help ensure that this site is able to keep providing the community the service they deserve.

Donating Games

Having verified games means people can use the site easier, and the information is more reliable. If you would like to donate an unverified game to me so that I can verify it and give it the seal of approval, please contact me at

Supporting Our Affiliates

If you're shopping at J-List, you can use the discount code MOE-MCR-RH7LYM to receive 5% off your purchase, and we'll get a bit too! Everybody wins!

Some of the uncensor patches linked on have to be bought, and in some cases I've provided an affiliate link, where if you buy the patch after following that link, will get a cut of the cost. If you're planning on buying these patches, it would be greatly appreciated if you could do so from these affiliate links where possible, as this will cost you no extra but will help financially sustain the site.

Get in Touch

If you want to support the site but don't have cash to throw around, please just get in touch (details on the Contact page) and let me know what you think of the site. Your feedback is important, and hearing that people are using the site helps fuel for the fires that keep this site neat, tidy, and running smoothly.

And finally, thank you for just being here. The site is here to be used, and so seeing visitor counts tick up helps out too! Tell your friends! They might question why you're pointing them at sites like this, but deep down we know they'll be thankful (even if they're too ashamed to admit it).