Mega Milk Story

There IS an uncensor patch available for Mega Milk Story!

The patch HAS NOT been verified - proceed with caution.

Verifying patches means owning the games, which while I would love to own every lewd Steam game, is not practical for me at the moment.

If you have an interest in helping me out with game access, get in touch through the contact page!

Patch Information:

The patch install involves running a .exe. This was retrieved from the developer, and the Mega links I'm providing are the same ones that they provide on the Citadel Translations website. Regardless, take extra caution as I have not verified this, and I accept even less responsibility than usual if there is any issue with this patcher! If there are any issues with these links, please let me know on the Contact page.

Please note that this patch is only for usage outside of Japan.

Install Instructions:

  1. Download the patch from one of the links below, or one of the mirrors on the Citadel Translations website
  2. Run the downloaded 'CitadelPatcher' program
  3. Select "Auto Find Game Folder" and then "Patch!". If the patcher fails to find your game install, you'll have to manually point it at your game install folder, which can be found by right clicking the game in Steam and then going to Properties, Local Files tab, Browse Local Files...
  4. Close the patcher program once the patching is complete

Patch download:!wqI0wSZT!F5itHXBOdojrtNs9rRmgsmRGk2FPfdVFXXk2yNu-Ulk

Steam store: